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Crime Main Event: Arafat meets with Mubarak
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01-04 Arafat meets with Mubarak Egypt
2. 01-04 Gunman-businessman surrenders Portugal
D. 01-04 Court orders re-vote Serbia
4. 01-04 Leftists claim suicide bombing Turkey
F. 01-04 TV boss rushed to hospital Czech Republic
G. 01-04 Navy lifts sunken sub Brazil
H. 01-04 Surgeon denies Pope has Parkinson's Italy
I. 01-04 Iraq seeks to ease sanctions Iraq
9. 01-04 Jurors for embassy bombings trial USA


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Morning News

Jan.4   Egypt     Arafat meets with Mubarak  Also was present at a closed-door meeting with Arab League foreign ministers

  Portugal   Gunman-businessman surrenders  Businessman who had threatened to blow himself up was demanding compensation for a television report

  Serbia Court orders re-vote  Supreme Court has ordered a partial re-run of parliamentary election, delaying the creation of a new Serbia's government

  Turkey Leftists claim suicide bombing  Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front claim an attack which killed the bomber and a policeman

  Czech Republic TV boss rushed to hospital  TV journalists continue their stand-off over Hodac's appointment as station director

  Brazil Navy lifts sunken sub  Submarine, which sank in Rio de Janeiro's Bay, was moved to a repair dock

Evening News

  Italy Surgeon denies Pope has Parkinson's  Fineschi said he was misquoted in an interview he gave to the Italian magazine

  Iraq Iraq seeks to ease sanctions  Iraqi government won't resume oil exports until buyers agree to pay a special charge into an Baghdad-controlled account

  USA Jurors for embassy bombings trial  Jurors were interviewed in federal court in the trial of 4 men charged in the alleged conspiracy behind the embassy bombings

  Israel Envoy plans reply to proposal  Israeli diplomat plans a 6-page document to the US proposal for a peace deal with the Palestinians

San Francisco Bay Area , January 4, 2001 Timeline