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Crime Main Event: Battle flares over Gaza cl...
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B. 07-10 Beijing frontrunner at Olympic race Moscow
C. 07-10 Protest over Pinochet ruling Chile
3. 07-10 Embassy bomber gets life sentence New York
07-10 Battle flares over Gaza clearance Gaza
5. 07-10 Rally against ETA after car bomb Madrid
G. 07-10 Zabel won Tour de France 3rd stage France
7. 07-10 Police search congressman's home U.S. Congress
I. 07-10 Becker settles love child payment England


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Morning News

Jul.10   Moscow Beijing frontrunner at Olympic race  The IOC is meeting will have election of the 2008 host and replacement of President. Beijing ahead of Paris and Toronto

  Chile Protest over Pinochet ruling  Hundreds marched in anger at a court ruling against trying Pinochet on human rights charges

  New York Embassy bomber gets life sentence  Jury sentenced Khalfan Mohamed to life without parole for the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania

Evening News

  Gaza   Battle flares over Gaza clearance  Bulldozers cleaed away buildings used to launch anti-tank weapons. Operation resulted in a firefight

  Madrid     Rally against ETA after car bomb Map of Madrid  A policeman was killed and at least 12 injured in Madrid

  France Zabel won Tour de France 3rd stage  Armstrong led the main pack briefly in the final half-mile

  U.S. Congress Police search congressman's home  Officers enter Gary Condit's apartment as part of efforts to find a missing Chandra Levy, 24

  England Becker settles love child payment  German former tennis star has agreed a financial settlement towards the baby he fathered with Angela Ermakova

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