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Crime Main Event: Riot marks marching day
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1. 07-12 White House's Wing evacuated Washington
C. 07-12 Shelling after gun attack Israel
D. 07-12 Shuttle Atlantis lifts off Florida
07-12 Riot marks marching day Northern Ireland
F. 07-12 Beijing is favorite for 2008 Games Moscow
6. 07-12 Extradition to U.S. postponed France
7. 07-12 Milosevic team eye court challenge UN Tribunal


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Morning News

Jul.12   Washington White House's Wing evacuated  Secret Service dog identified a suspicious car parked on the mansion grounds

  Israel Shelling after gun attack  Tank shells killed a Palestinian policeman after an attack on Jewish settlers

  Florida Shuttle Atlantis lifts off  Atlantis will deliver an air lock to space station Alpha

Evening News

  Northern Ireland   Riot marks marching day
  Petrol bombs and other missiles were thrown at the security forces at the start of the annual Protestant marches

  Moscow   Beijing is favorite for 2008 Games  Human rights groups argue that sending the games to Beijing would reward a repressive regime

  France Extradition to U.S. postponed  Einhorn attempted suicide by slitting his throat. Extradition postponed by request of the European Court of Human Rights

  UN Tribunal Milosevic team eye court challenge  An international support group was seeking to have handover by Belgrade declared illegal

San Francisco Bay Area , July 12, 2001 Timeline