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07-22 Bush, Putin agree on missile talks Russia
2. 07-22 G8 leaders fail to agree on Kyoto Northern Italy
D. 07-22 Duval takes British Open England
4. 07-22 Wahid declares state of emergency Indonesia
5. 07-22 Sharon Likud rebuffs critics Israel
G. 07-22 Ceasefire broken Macedonia
H. 07-22 Holes cut in to Kursk hull Russia
I. 07-22 100 miners feared dead China
J. 07-22 Alzheimer's vaccine California


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Morning News

Jul.22   Russia     Bush, Putin agree on missile talks
  Presidents unexpectedly have agreed to tie plans for a missile defence shield to reducing nuclear stockpiles

  Northern Italy   G8 leaders fail to agree on Kyoto
  The leaders' final communique showing the U.S. stood alone on whether to ratify the Kyoto Protocol

  England   Duval takes British Open
  Duval captures first major. Woods and Singh at the last 2 Masters

  Indonesia   Wahid declares state of emergency  President ordered parliament disbanded, called for new elections and ordered the police and military to secure nation

  Israel Sharon Likud rebuffs critics  Netanyahu says Israel should abandon its self-restraint policy. Sharon declared his policy 'the right path'

  Macedonia Ceasefire broken  Army had come under attack by ethnic Albanian rebels in villages above Tetovo

  Russia Holes cut in to Kursk hull  Diving teams had been working on the wreck in 6-hour shifts around-the-clock

Evening News

  China   100 miners feared dead
  Blast at an illegally operated privat pit. The bodies of 15 miners were recovered. 91 were missing

  California Alzheimer's vaccine  An experimental vaccine is showing an immune response

  England Ex-Beatle preparing for death  George Harrison, 58, has admitted that he expects to die soon from lung cancer

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