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Disasters Main Event: Armstrong wins Tour de...
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07-29 Armstrong wins Tour de France Paris
C. 07-29 Ruling coalition win in upper house Japan
D. 07-29 Violence erupts at holy site Israel
4. 07-29 Monsoon triggers deadly floods Nepal
F. 07-29 Colombia wins Copa America Colombia
6. 07-29 Typhoon kills 16, dozens missing Taiwan
H. 07-29 6 dead in West Bank explosion West Bank
I. 07-29 Protest closes Frankfurt airport Germany
9. 07-29 4 dead after engine explodes Ohio


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Morning News

Jul.29   Paris     Armstrong wins Tour de France
  Texan won his third straight Tour de France title. He was a leader for the last 7 stages

  Japan   Ruling coalition win in upper house  3-party coalition, led by Koizumi's LDP, won at least 63 of the 121 seats in the 247-member upper house

  Israel Violence erupts at holy site  Hundreds of Palestinians threw rocks at Jews praying at the Western Wall. 15 Israeli police and 10 Palestinians injured

  Nepal Monsoon triggers deadly floods  20 people were feared dead. 17 houses, a school and a bridge were destroyed

Evening News

  Colombia     Colombia wins Copa America  Final: Colombia, Mexico 1-0

  Taiwan     Typhoon kills 16, dozens missing  Storm with winds of up to 160 kph (104 mph) caused landslides

  West Bank 6 dead in West Bank explosion  Men were members of Fatah's al-Aqsa brigade

  Germany Protest closes Frankfurt airport  Several hundred people gathered to protest asylum policy of deporting people

  Ohio 4 dead after engine explodes  Antique steam engine was pulling into parking place as part of a display of old-style engines

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