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Business Main Event: Plane crash kills 143
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B. 07-03 War crimes court charges Milosevic UN Tribunal
C. 07-03 Royal bodyguards sacked Nepal
D. 07-03 Clashes as leaders meet Macedonia
07-03 Plane crash kills 143 Siberia
F. 07-03 Capriati ousted Serena London
6. 07-03 U.N. renews Iraq oil-for-food plan UN Security Council
7. 07-03 Implanted artificial heart USA
I. 07-03 Iraqi diplomats ask to stay in U.S. UN
J. 07-03 Bomb explodes near leader's office Nepal


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Morning News

Jul.3   UN Tribunal     War crimes court charges Milosevic  Former Yugoslav President charged with crimes against humanity. He did not recognise the authority of the court

  Nepal Royal bodyguards sacked  King has sacked 6 bodyguards for neglecting their duty to defend the royal family

  Macedonia Clashes as leaders meet  Helicopters have attacked a village held by ethnic Albanian rebels

Evening News

  Siberia   Plane crash kills 143
  Passenger plane, Tupolev 154, crashed and burned in Siberia with 133 passengers and 10 crew members

  London   Capriati ousted Serena  Capriati, Williams 6-7 (4), 7-5, 6-3. Capriati was down 5-3 in the 2nd set. She will meet Belgian Justine Henin

  UN Security Council U.N. renews Iraq oil-for-food plan  Security Council voted for a 5-month extension of the program after Russia threatened to veto a 11-year-old sanctions

  USA Implanted artificial heart  A patient has received the battery-operated implant that totally replaces the function of the heart

  UN Iraqi diplomats ask to stay in U.S.  2 high-ranking diplomats at the United Nations, including deputy ambassador, have requested asylum

  Nepal Bomb explodes near leader's office  No one was injured when powerful bomb has exploded near residences of prime minister and chief justice

  Hong Kong Falun Gong denies mass suicide  Outlawed group is instead saying 16 of its followers were tortured to death in a Chinese labor center

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