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Crime Main Event: 8 dead in attack on Hamas ...
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07-31 8 dead in attack on Hamas office West Bank
2. 07-31 Gunfire at Russia hostage siege Russia
D. 07-31 Farrakhan wins battle to visit UK England
4. 07-31 Clashes after shooting Northern Ireland
F. 07-31 Warsaw prepares flood defences Poland
G. 07-31 Protest over the deportation Frankfurt, Germany
H. 07-31 60 die in freak storms Nias, Indonesia
8. 07-31 G8 protests inquiry Northern Italy
J. 07-31 Toledo courts armed forces Peru


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Morning News

Jul.31   West Bank     8 dead in attack on Hamas office
  Israeli helicopters attacked a Hamas office. Among killed was J. Mansour, a senior Hamas leader and 2 children

  Russia Gunfire at Russia hostage siege  Gunman claiming to have a bomb and had demanded 6 more sub-machine guns and a helicopter

  England Farrakhan wins battle to visit UK  U.S. black political leader had been banned for 15 years because of anti-Semitic remarks

  Northern Ireland Clashes after shooting  A pro-British loyalist group claimed responsibility for the killing of the 18-year-old man. Protestants attack Catholic homes

  Poland Warsaw prepares flood defences  Flood waters passed alert levels. Workers reinforcing dykes and evacuating villages

Evening News

  Germany   Protest over the deportation Map of Frankfurt Germany  1,000 people in Frankfurt protest over the deportation of illegal immigrants

  Indonesia   60 die in freak storms Map of Nias Indonesia  Rain triggered floods and landslides that buried 5 villages on Nias island. Hundreds remain unaccounted for

  Northern Italy G8 protests inquiry  The probe will look at the cause and responsibility of violence. Conservative forces had opposed an investigation

  Peru Toledo courts armed forces  After announcing a reorganization new President told commanders he wanted to work with them in rebuilding Peru

  Cuba Plane from Florida crashes in Cuba  A man rented a small plane in the Florida Keys. The plane flipped over in Havana

  Wales Welsh sheep cull extended  1,700 sheep to be cull. More sheep tested positive for foot-and-mouth disease

San Francisco Bay Area , July 31, 2001 Timeline