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07-07 Rebels kill 34 in police attacks Nepal
C. 07-07 6 gored in Pamplona bull run Basque
3. 07-07 President suffering from cancer Bolivia
4. 07-07 Clashes injure 200 Bangladesh
F. 07-07 Croatia faces war crime dilemma Croatia
G. 07-07 Envoys' peace plan Macedonia
H. 07-07 Semifinal postponed again London
8. 07-07 Rep. admits affair with missing woman Washington
J. 07-07 2 stabbed in race riot England


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Morning News

Jul.7   Nepal   Rebels kill 34 in police attacks
  Suspected Maoist rebels raided 7 police stations killing the policemen and abducting dozens of others

  Basque   6 gored in Pamplona bull run  Recent rain made the runners and the bulls slither on wet streets

  Bolivia President suffering from cancer  Hugo Bánzer Suarez, 74, is suffering from lung, liver cancer

  Bangladesh Clashes injure 200  Police broke up the rival political activists exploding home-made bombs and throwing stones

  Croatia Croatia faces war crime dilemma  Prime minister has stopped short of pledging to hand over 2 indicted suspects

  Macedonia Envoys' peace plan  European Union envoy Leotard and U.S. envoy Pardew have handed the framework of an ethnic reconciliation plan

  London Semifinal postponed again  Ivanisevic captured the 4th set tiebreak and was up 3-2 in the 5th when play was halted

Evening News

  Washington   Rep. admits affair with missing woman
  Gary Condit told police he had a romantic relationship with 24-year-old former intern C. Levy

  England   2 stabbed in race riot  18 people had been arrested in clashes between Asians and white people

  Jamaica Fighting erupts, leaving 4 dead  Security forces exchanged gunfire with gang members. 2 dozen people were injured

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