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1. 04-10 Israel called off any further withdrawals Israel
C. 04-10 Tamil Tiger chief 'wants peace' Sri Lanka
D. 04-10 Srebrenica blame 'must be shared' Netherlands
4. 04-10 Israel says campaign not over Jenin, West Bank
F. 04-10 Real fights to 2-0 win over Bayern Spain
G. 04-10 Bush presses for human cloning ban Washington
04-10 Troops occupied three more areas West Bank
I. 04-10 Peace possible says prime minister Sri Lanka
J. 04-10 War crimes court becomes reality Hague


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Morning News

Apr.10   Israel     Israel called off any further withdrawals  In response to suicide attack, Israel called off withdrawals from West Bank towns

  Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger chief 'wants peace'  Velupillai Prabhakaran insisted the government must lift its ban on his organisation before direct talks

  Netherlands Srebrenica blame 'must be shared'  The official Dutch report says the Dutch Government and the United Nations must share responsibility

Day News

  West Bank   Israel says campaign not over Map of Jenin Israel  Forces have consolidated grip in Jenin, but troops pulled out of three small villages - Yatta, Qabatiyah and Samua

  Spain Real fights to 2-0 win over Bayern  Real makes Champions League semifinals. Manchester United win against Deportivo, advancing on a 5-2 aggregate

  Washington Bush presses for human cloning ban  'Life is a creation, not a commodity,' President said in a speech

Evening News

  West Bank   Troops occupied three more areas
  Tanks and troops entered Bir Zeit, refugee camp of Ein Beit Elma and Daharyeh village and withdrawn from several areas

  Sri Lanka Peace possible says prime minister  Ranil Wickramasinghe sees a real chance of ending bloody civil war after a statement by the leader of the Tamil Tiger rebels

  Hague War crimes court becomes reality  Number of states ratifying the treaty setting it up reaches 60. International Criminal Court will be based at Hague

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