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Sports Main Event: Chavez returns to power
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04-14 Chavez returns to power Venezuela
C. 04-14 Powell talks peace with Arafat West Bank
3. 04-14 Marathon: record broken London
E. 04-14 Chinese jet crashes Busan, South Korea
5. 04-14 Woods wins US Masters US Georgia
G. 04-14 Sharon proposes peace conference Jerusalem
H. 04-14 Bomb targets Presidential candidate Colombia


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Morning News

Apr.14   Venezuela     Chavez returns to power
  Ousted President formally resumed his presidential powers in a televised ceremony

  West Bank     Powell talks peace with Arafat
  US Secretary of State has spent 3 hours in talks with Palestinian leader to try to secure a ceasefire

  London Marathon: record broken  Moroccan-born American Khannouchi won the men's race with a time of 2:05:38. 32,000 people are taking part

Evening News

  South Korea   Chinese jet crashes
Map of Busan South Korea
  An Air China flight carrying 155 passengers and 10 crewmembers has crashed near Busan. Some people survived the crash

  US Georgia     Woods wins US Masters  The world number one dominated the final day from start to finish as hetapped in for a par four at the last hole

  Jerusalem     Sharon proposes peace conference  Israeli Prime Minister has suggested the United States lead a regional conference to find peace for the Middle East

  Colombia Bomb targets Presidential candidate  Hardline right-winger Alvaro Uribe Velez has escaped unhurt from a explosion that killed 3 people in the town of Barranquilla

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