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War & Army Main Event: Kabul joy as ex-king ...
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B. 04-17 Owen becomes youngest captain Liverpool, Northern England
2. 04-17 DR Congo strikes peace deal Congo
D. 04-17 Afghan king heads home Italy
04-17 Kabul joy as ex-king returns Kabul
5. 04-17 Tanks leave Jenin camp Jenin, West Bank
6. 04-17 US bomb kills Canadians troops Afghanistan


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Apr.17   Washington     Bush clings to Mid-East hope  US President has insisted that the peace mission of Secretary of State Powell, was not a total failure

  Northern England Owen becomes youngest captain  22-year-old striker scored a spectacular goal at the 1998 World Cup, helped Liverpool to 3 Cup trophies

  Congo DR Congo strikes peace deal  The government and Movement for the Liberation of Congo have agreed on a plan to reunify the country

  Italy Afghan king heads home  Mohammed Zahir Shah is on his way back to his country after almost 30 years of exile

Evening News

  Kabul   Kabul joy as ex-king returns
  87-year-old Zahir Shah has returned from Italy accompanied by Karzai amid tight security after almost 30 years of exile

  West Bank Tanks leave Jenin camp  Israel have begun to withdraw its forces from the towns of Jenin and Nablus. 50 tanks leaving the battered refugee camp

  Afghanistan US bomb kills Canadians troops  A US fighter plane has accidentally killed 4 soldiers and injuring 8 others during a routine training exercise

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