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B. 04-19 Tanks and troops enter Rafah Gaza
C. 04-19 Election wide open France
D. 04-19 Moya edges Safin Monte Carlo, Monaco
4. 04-19 Speculation grows over Milan crash Milan
F. 04-19 Bank freeze ordered Argentina
6. 04-19 Aid plea as refugees pour back Afghanistan
04-19 UN agrees to Jenin probe UN Security Council
I. 04-19 FBI puts banks on terror alert Washington


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Morning News

Apr.19   Gaza   Tanks and troops enter Rafah  3 Palestinian men were shot dead. 2 Palestinians have been killed near the Netzarim Jewish settlement

  France Election wide open  President Chirac has a lead which is so small that it may not be significant

  Monaco Moya edges Safin  Former French Open champion reached the semifinals of the Monte Carlo Masters

  Milan Speculation grows over Milan crash  Detectives are investigating the background of an elderly Swiss pilot. His son said 67-year-old father had killed himself

Day News

  Argentina   Bank freeze ordered  All banking operations and foreign currency transactions suspended indefinitely amid fears of a financial collapse

  Afghanistan Aid plea as refugees pour back  Tens of thousands of refugees are returning every week, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency

Evening News

  UN Security Council   UN agrees to Jenin probe
  The Security Council has voted to send a fact-finding mission to look into Israeli military action at the Palestinian refugee camp

  Washington FBI puts banks on terror alert  The FBI has received warnings that terrorists are planning attacks against banks in the north-east of the USA

San Francisco Bay Area , April 19, 2002 Timeline