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Disasters Main Event: Saudis issue blunt war...
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B. 04-25 Palestinians 'jailed' for minister's killing Ramallah, West Bank
2. 04-25 Officials die in plane crash Honduras
3. 04-25 Refugee crisis looms Gujarat
4. 04-25 Explosion shaken building New York
04-25 Saudis issue blunt warning to Bush Texas
G. 04-25 Israel rejects Palestinian 'trial' West Bank
H. 04-25 Mosque blast kills 11 Pakistan
I. 04-25 Banks to re-open briefly Argentina
9. 04-25 Pilot blamed for runway crash Taiwan


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Morning News

Apr.25   West Bank     Palestinians 'jailed' for minister's killing Map of Ramallah Israel  A military tribunal inside Arafat's headquarters in Ramallah has handed down prison sentences to four militants

  Honduras Officials die in plane crash  A small plane crashed into a mountain shortly after takeoff, killing 5 Honduran officials

  Gujarat Refugee crisis looms  More than 100,000 people, mostly Muslims, now sheltering in camps as communal violence

  New York Explosion shaken building  An explosion has shaken a building which housed a technical college, and part of the structure has collapsed

Day News

  Texas   Saudis issue blunt warning to Bush
  Crown Prince Abdullah, has President of grave consequences to US interests unless it does more to restrain Israel

  West Bank Israel rejects Palestinian 'trial'  Israel has dismissed the conviction of the killers of an Israeli minister, repeating a demand that the men be extradited to Israel

  Pakistan Mosque blast kills 11  A bomb blast at a mosque in central Pakistan injured 20 other people

Evening News

  Argentina Banks to re-open briefly  Congress has passed a law making it more difficult for people to get their money

  Taiwan Pilot blamed for runway crash  Pilot error and bad weather were the causes of the crash in October 2000 of a Singapore Airlines jumbo jet

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