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Crime Main Event: 18 die in school massacre
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04-26 18 die in school massacre Erfurt, Eastern Germany
2. 04-26 UN chief firm on Jenin mission UN
3. 04-26 Court convicts plane-spotters Greece
E. 04-26 Chernobyl radiation 'on the rise' Kiev
F. 04-26 New economy minister Argentina
G. 04-26 Jenin mission postponed West Bank
7. 04-26 Massacre sparks guns rethink Germany
8. 04-26 US 'too soft on al-Qaeda captives' Guantanamo


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Morning News

Apr.26   Eastern Germany   18 die in school massacre Map of Erfurt Germany
  Expelled ex-pupil went on a shooting spree in the city of Erfurt. 14 teachers, a policewoman and 2 pupils were shot dead

  UN UN chief firm on Jenin mission  The UN is resisting Israeli demands for a delay in its investigation of the army's military operation in the refugee camp

  Greece Court convicts plane-spotters  8 of the 14 accused of spying at a military airshow have been found guilty of espionage

  Kiev Chernobyl radiation 'on the rise'  A scientist monitoring the site of the disaster has warned that levels of radiation around the destroyed reactor are rising

Day News

  Argentina New economy minister  President Duhalde has named the free market economist Roberto Lavagna as his new economy chief

  West Bank Jenin mission postponed  The United Nations has postponed until Sunday the arrival of a fact-finding mission into the Israeli military action

Evening News

  Germany   Massacre sparks guns rethink  The murder of 17 people has prompted debate over laws in Europe. 1,000 people attended an impromptu service

  Guantanamo US 'too soft on al-Qaeda captives'  A former US army intelligence officer has blamed the British media for damaging the effectiveness of the interrogations

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