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Crime Main Event: Fierce clash as Rumsfeld v...
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04-27 Fierce clash as Rumsfeld visits Afghanistan
2. 04-27 4 Israelis die in raid West Bank
D. 04-27 Mass protests against Le Pen France
4. 04-27 Muslim mob attacks village Indonesia
F. 04-27 Former presidential candidate Lebed died Siberia
G. 04-27 Israel mulls UN's Jenin mission Jerusalem


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Morning News

Apr.27   Afghanistan     Fierce clash as Rumsfeld visits  Rival militias have exchanged heavy fire around Gardez, reportedly killing at least 25 people

  West Bank 4 Israelis die in raid  Gunmen infiltrated a settlement and opened fire on residents. Killed included young child

Day News

  France Mass protests against Le Pen  30-45,000 people in Paris and more than 100,000 nationwide have been taking part in demonstrations

Evening News

  Indonesia   Muslim mob attacks village  12 people have been killed by a mob which attacked a Christian village in the Moluccan islands

  Siberia   Former presidential candidate Lebed died  Alexander Lebed has died from injuries sustained in a helicopter crash. The helicopter is said to have hit a power line

  Jerusalem Israel mulls UN's Jenin mission  The cabinet is to discuss whether to allow a United Nations fact-finding mission to go to the Palestinian refugee camp

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