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Politics Main Event: Arafat accepted plan to...
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04-28 Arafat accepted plan to lift siege West Bank
2. 04-28 Karzai urges Afghans to come home Afghanistan
D. 04-28 M. Schumacher dominates GP Spain
E. 04-28 Israeli army moves into Hebron West Bank
5. 04-28 Madagascar awaits election recount Madagascar
6. 04-28 Cardinal questions celibacy Brazil


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Morning News

Apr.28   West Bank     Arafat accepted plan to lift siege
  Israeli forces to let him travel once men wanted are moved to a Palestinian prison to be held by US and British guards

  North Korea Tears as Korean relatives are reunited  Hundreds of elderly relatives were reunited for the first time since the Cold War divided the peninsula

  Afghanistan Karzai urges Afghans to come home  The interim leader has made a worldwide call for Afghan exiles to help in their country's reconstruction

  Spain M. Schumacher dominates GP  Michael Schumacher won his 4th of 5 Formula One races this season

Evening News

  West Bank   Israeli army moves into Hebron  Israel is acting on information that more attacks were planned by Palestinians. 7 Palestinians reported dead

  Madagascar Madagascar awaits election recount  High Constitutional Court will publish the recounted results of the presidential election to end the political and economic crisis

  Brazil Cardinal questions celibacy  Cardinal Paulo Evaristo said that celibacy should be an option rather than a requirement

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