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Government Main Event: Opposition wins poll
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04-29 Opposition wins poll Madagascar
2. 04-29 Moves to end Arafat siege West Bank
D. 04-29 Schools remember massacre victims Germany
E. 04-29 Web petition in right-to-die case England
5. 04-29 Madagascar faces split Antananarivo, Madagascar
G. 04-29 X-Ray inmates moved to new cells Guantanamo
7. 04-29 UN waits on Israeli Jenin decision UN
I. 04-29 Kings advance to Western semifinals Utah
J. 04-29 Voting opens in Musharraf poll Pakistan


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Morning News

Apr.29   Madagascar   Opposition wins poll
  Marc Ravalomanana has been declared the winner of disputed presidential elections, after a recount

  West Bank     Moves to end Arafat siege  American and UK security experts will discuss the technical details of transferring six militants, who are wanted by Israel

  Germany Schools remember massacre victims  A minute's silence has been held across Germany to commemorate the victims of a schoolboy kille

  England Web petition in right-to-die case  A terminally ill woman has launched a Web site petition to change UK law on assisted suicide after losing a legal battle

Day News

  Madagascar Madagascar faces split  4 out of the country's 6 provinces intend to form a confederation completely separate from the capital, Antananarivo

  Guantanamo X-Ray inmates moved to new cells  The US has transferred 300 terror suspects from makeshift cells at Guantanamo Bay to a permanent, walled facility

Evening News

  UN     UN waits on Israeli Jenin decision  The Israeli cabinet is meeting to debate its response to the request to send a fact-finding team to the Palestinian refugee camp

  Utah Kings advance to Western semifinals  Sacramento Kings outlast the Utah Jazz

  Pakistan Voting opens in Musharraf poll  Pakistanis have started voting in a referendum on whether to grant another 5 years in office to President

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