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War & Army Main Event: Bethlehem church unde...
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04-03 Bethlehem church under siege Bethlehem, West Bank
C. 04-03 Musharraf poll approved Pakistan
D. 04-03 Robbers chased across 3 countries Western Ukraine
4. 04-03 Tanks enter Nablus Nablus, West Bank
F. 04-03 Liverpool defeats Bayer Leverkusen Liverpool, Northern England
G. 04-03 New scheme for repatriation Afghanistan
H. 04-03 Jordan to miss rest of season Washington
8. 04-03 Angola to end civil war Angola
9. 04-03 Israel reoccupies most of West Bank Hebron, West Bank


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Morning News

Apr.3   West Bank   Bethlehem church under siege Map of Bethlehem Israel
  100 armed Palestinian police have taken refuge in the Church of the Nativity. Israeli tanks are surrounding the church

  Pakistan Musharraf poll approved  Cabinet has unanimously approved a national referendum on extending President's term of office for 5 years

  Western Ukraine Robbers chased across 3 countries  Police have arrested 3 armed men after a two-day car chase through Germany and Poland

Day News

  West Bank   Tanks enter Nablus
Map of Nablus Israel
  100 Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles has moved into Nablus. Soldiers are still surrounding the Church of the Nativity

  Northern England Liverpool defeats Bayer Leverkusen  Liverpool has the only goal in a 1-0 Champions Cup quarterfinal victory. Panathinaikos defeated Barcelona 1-0

  Afghanistan New scheme for repatriation  The UN refugee agency, Iran and Afghanistan have signed an agreement which will return of 400,000 refugees from Iran

  Washington Jordan to miss rest of season  Washington Wizards guard has inflammation in his right knee

  Angola Angola to end civil war  Ceasefire agreement be signed between the army and the Unita rebels

Evening News

  West Bank   Israel reoccupies most of West Bank Map of Hebron Israel  The army has reoccupied all but two of the major towns - Hebron and Jericho - in 7 days of a campaign

  Guantanamo   'US citizen' in Camp X-Ray  Yasser Esam Hamdi, captured in Afghanistan and held in Cuba, made a statement that he is a US citizen

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