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War & Army Main Event: Shooting erupts near ...
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04-04 Shooting erupts near Bethlehem church West Bank
C. 04-04 Mass arrests of Kabul 'plotters' Kabul
3. 04-04 Ceasefire signed Angola
E. 04-04 Scientists detail rice code Beijing
F. 04-04 Inter, Milan defeated in UEFA Milan
6. 04-04 Israel ignores Bush pullout call Israel
H. 04-04 Family reunions to resume South Korea


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Morning News

Apr.4   West Bank   Shooting erupts near Bethlehem church  Gunshots and explosions have been heard around Manger Square

  Kabul Mass arrests of Kabul 'plotters'  The interim administration says it has uncovered an anti-government plot and has arrested 50 suspects

  Angola Ceasefire signed  Army has signed an agreement with the Unita rebel movement to end 26 years of civil war

Day News

  Washington     Powell to be sent to Mid-East
  Bush demanded that Israel withdraw its troops from the Palestinian cities, while accusing Arafat of betraying the hopes

  Beijing Scientists detail rice code  The Beijing Genomics Institute and the University of Washington Genome Center report a draft DNA sequence of the plant

  Milan Inter, Milan defeated in UEFA  Feyenoord defeated Inter 1-0 on an own goal, while Dortmund demolished Milan 4-0 with a hat trick from Amoroso

Evening News

  Israel     Israel ignores Bush pullout call  Israel is pressing ahead with its military thrust into Palestinian territory in the West Bank

  South Korea Family reunions to resume  Agreement has been reached with North Korea to restart stalled exchanges including economic talks

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