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1. 04-05 US envoy breaks Arafat isolation West Bank
2. 04-05 Crowds honour Queen Mother London
D. 04-05 Bill Gates fooled by Quebec radio station Canada
4. 04-05 Hundreds arrested Zimbabwe
F. 04-05 Israel strikes at top militants Jenin, West Bank
G. 04-05 Second 'US Taleban' moved to Virginia Guantanamo
7. 04-05 Blair flies in with ceasefire agenda Texas
04-05 Israel given new pullout warning Washington
9. 04-05 North Korea 'ready' for US talks North Korea


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Morning News

Apr.5   West Bank     US envoy breaks Arafat isolation  Anthony Zinni has met besieged Palestinian leader at his battered headquarters as Israel steps up its military offensive

  London   Crowds honour Queen Mother  20,000 mourners are queuing to file past the coffin, following a funeral procession through central London

  Canada Bill Gates fooled by Quebec radio station  Two radio comics were pretending to be Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien

  Zimbabwe Hundreds arrested  Civil rights activists, many of them women and children, have been arrested for organising anti-government marches

Day News

  West Bank   Israel strikes at top militants Map of Jenin Israel  20 Palestinians have been killed in the fighting, which focused on Nablus and Jenin and two refugee camps nearby

  Guantanamo Second 'US Taleban' moved to Virginia  An American-born prisoner captured in Afghanistan has been moved from the camp in Guantanamo Bay

  Texas Blair flies in with ceasefire agenda  UK Prime Minister has arrived in the US for talks at President Bush's ranch

Evening News

  Washington     Israel given new pullout warning
  Colin Powell, has told Israel it should stop its military operations without delay

  North Korea North Korea 'ready' for US talks  Kim Jong-il is open to talks, South Korean special presidential envoy Lim Dong-won announced

  Zimbabwe Protesters warned  The authorities have warned people not to take part in anti-government protests planned for the weekend

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