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War & Army Main Event: Israel to 'speed up' ...
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B. 04-06 France wins 6 Nations Grand Slam France
2. 04-06 Battle rages in Palestinian camp Jenin, West Bank
D. 04-06 Bindaree wins Grand National England
E. 04-06 US and UK demand Israel pullout West, Texas
04-06 Israel to 'speed up' military offensive West Bank
G. 04-06 Celtic claim title Scotland
7. 04-06 Kabul plays down 'coup attempt' Kabul
I. 04-06 US and UK call for Iraq 'change' Texas
J. 04-06 Wildlife protection conference Netherlands


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Morning News

Apr.6   France   France wins 6 Nations Grand Slam  France thrashed Ireland 44-5

  West Bank   Battle rages in Palestinian camp Map of Jenin Israel  Residents at the Jenin refugee camp said they feared a 'massacre' was taking place. 7 soldiers had been killed

  England Bindaree wins Grand National  Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Jim Culloty completed a memorable double

  Texas US and UK demand Israel pullout  British Prime Minister Blair and US President Bush have called for a withdrawal from cities in the West Bank without delay

Day News

  West Bank     Israel to 'speed up' military offensive
  Sharon has told US President Bush that Israel will do all it can to speed up its military offensive

  Scotland Celtic claim title  Celtic 5-1 Livingston claiming Scottish Premier League

  Kabul Kabul plays down 'coup attempt'  Foreign Minister Dr Abdullah has said the 160 people still being questioned on suspicion of planning attacks

  Texas US and UK call for Iraq 'change'  After a summit, Blair said all options were open if Iraq continued to defy the UN by blocking weapons inspections

Evening News

  Netherlands Wildlife protection conference  Delegates from 182 countries are gathering for a UN-sponsored conference on how to protect the world's plants and animals

  Kabul Rockets fired at Kabul peacekeepers  The guards reported a rocket-propelled grenade attack against the headquarters of the multinational brigade

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