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Crime Main Event: Russia, Iraq close to $40b...
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08-17 Russia, Iraq close to $40b deal Moscow
C. 08-17 Poles celebrate pope's visit Poland
D. 08-17 Floods spark chemical spill fear Germany
4. 08-17 Missing girls: Two bodies found England
5. 08-17 Over 80 farmers arrested Zimbabwe
6. 08-17 Blast mars Independence Day Aceh
7. 08-17 Gunmen kill ruling official Nigeria
I. 08-17 President redefines ages of man Turkmenistan
9. 08-17 Girl missing after parents shot dead Virginia


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Morning News

Aug.17   Moscow   Russia, Iraq close to $40b deal
  Iraq's ambassador said that Russia and Iraq are planning to sign a 5-year, $40 billion economic cooperation agreement

  Poland     Poles celebrate pope's visit  Tens of thousands gave Pope John Paul II a joyous welcome as he arrived to consecrate a new basilica

  Germany   Floods spark chemical spill fear  The centre of the town of Bitterfeld is completely inundated with water filled with diesel fuel and oil

  England Missing girls: Two bodies found  Police hunting for missing 10-year-old schoolgirls have found two bodies at a remote woodland site

  Zimbabwe Over 80 farmers arrested  Some charged in court for defying government orders to vacate land targeted for redistribution to landless blacks

  Aceh Blast mars Independence Day  13 people were injured after a hand grenade was thrown into a crowd celebrating Independence Day

Evening News

  Nigeria Gunmen kill ruling official  A senior official of President Obasanjo's ruling party Ahman Ahmed Pategi died when gunmen opened fire on his car

  Turkmenistan President redefines ages of man  Niyazov, who renamed January after himself, has decreed a new system for dividing up the ages of his people

  Virginia Girl missing after parents shot dead  Police in Virginia believe a missing nine-year-old girl may have been abducted

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