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  NATO swoops on Karadzic home  Helicopter-borne French troops from SFOR forced open the gate of the 15-room house in Pale. Karadzic was not there Prayers, flowers for Srebrenica dead Map of Srebrenica Bosnia  2,000 distraught Muslims offered prayers and laid flowers at a memorial to 8,000 Muslims killed in Srebrenica 7 years ago   Mass grave reveals secrets Map of Srebrenica Bosnia  Forensic experts discovered a mass grave that may contain up to 100 bodies of Muslims killed in the Srebrenica in 1995 Serbs deny Srebrenica atrocity  The Bosnian Serb government has published a report denying the massacre was a war crime   Karadzic's wife quits Red Cross post  Ljiljana Zelen-Karadzic, the wife of the fugitive Bosnian Serb leader, has resigned Serbs' 'Iron Lady' to hear fate
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Bosnia mission gets brief extension
  Nato's Karadzic hunt draws blank  A massive operation has failed to find the former Bosnian Serb President and war crimes suspect Srebrenica blame 'must be shared'  The official Dutch report says the Dutch Government and the United Nations must share responsibility Dutch Government quits over Srebrenica

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  The entire cabinet has resigned in the aftermath of a report on the massacre that blamed the Government and military officials

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  United States is vetoing an extension because it didn't give peacekeepers immunity from the International Criminal Court

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  Bosnian Serb leader Biljana Plavsic, 72, is facing the climax of a war crimes court case. She expresses remorse
Dec.17   Albright describes Bosnian horrors
  Former U.S. Secretary of State has described the 'unimaginable' horrors of the 1992-95 war as reminiscent of World War II
Dec.18   Plavsic: Lengthy sentence demanded
  Prosecutors are asking for a prison sentence of 15 to 25 years for former Bosnian Serb president

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1. 02-28 Nato's Karadzic hunt draws blank Bosnia
2. 04-10 Srebrenica blame 'must be shared' Netherlands
04-16 Dutch Government quits over Srebrenica Netherlands
4. 07-02 NATO swoops on Karadzic home Bosnia
F. 07-11 Prayers, flowers for Srebrenica dead Srebrenica, Bosnia
6. 07-23 Mass grave reveals secrets Srebrenica, Bosnia
7. 09-03 Serbs deny Srebrenica atrocity Bosnia
I. 12-12 Karadzic's wife quits Red Cross post Bosnia

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