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  Rumsfeld: No POW rights for prisoners  US Defence Secretary at Guantanamo Bay will inspect the detention camp for al-Qaeda and Taleban prisoners War captives baffle US interrogators
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  US defends captives' conditions  Defence Secretary Rumsfeld has insisted that 50 al-Qaeda and Taleban prisoners are being treated humanely Red Cross advises US on detainees  The International Red Cross has made recommendations about the care of the 110 Taleban and al-Qaeda prisoners Prison camp pictures spark protests  Photographs of the Taleban and al-Qaeda suspects show them being subjected to sensory deprivation US halts transfers to Guantanamo camp
US flies suspects to Cuba base  A first group of al-Qaeda and Taleban prisoners has been flown out of Afghanistan Afghan captives start detention

January 2002 ... more > Top ^
  The first group of 20 prisoners are now in a detention camp at a military base at Guantanamo
  To allow detention facilities to be added and upgraded

February 2002 ... more > Top ^
  The military has admitted to difficulties in identifying Taleban and al-Qaeda detainees as 34 more are put in cells
Feb.23   Camp X-ray inmates 'may go home'  US would eventually send non-American prisoners back to their home countries - as long as they faced prosecution there Feb.26   X-Ray inmates 'to avoid military courts'
  Department of Defence has conceded that only a small number of detained are likely to be brought to a military tribunal
Feb.28   Camp X-Ray inmates win concessions  The US to ease conditions slightly at the Guantanamo detention centre after two-thirds of its inmates went on hunger strike

April 2002 ... more > Top ^
Apr.3   'US citizen' in Camp X-Ray
  Yasser Esam Hamdi, captured in Afghanistan and held in Cuba, made a statement that he is a US citizen
Apr.5   Second 'US Taleban' moved to Virginia  An American-born prisoner captured in Afghanistan has been moved from the camp in Guantanamo Bay Apr.26   US 'too soft on al-Qaeda captives'  A former US army intelligence officer has blamed the British media for damaging the effectiveness of the interrogations Apr.29   X-Ray inmates moved to new cells  The US has transferred 300 terror suspects from makeshift cells at Guantanamo Bay to a permanent, walled facility

October 2002 ... more > Top ^
Oct.21   U.S. to return some detainees to Pakistan
  A small group of detainees will be returned to Pakistan from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within the next few days Oct.29   Freed detainees describe treatment  3 Afghans released after captivity at a U.S. military base in Cuba said they were chained up during interrogations

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