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  Voice on tape said to be bin Laden's  The Al-Jazeera television network released an audiotape intended for an American audience   Rumsfeld downplays bin Laden tape  Defense Secretary is saying there was no way to tell when the tape was recorded Alleged bin Laden letter praises attacks  A statement attributed to bin Laden praises attacks on U.S. Marines in Kuwait and a French supertanker off Yemen Magazine runs ' bin Laden's will'  The editor-in-chief of an Arab news magazine said a purported will shows 'he's dying or he's going to die soon' bin Laden's son detained  Security forces have detained several hundred people suspected of links to the al-Qaida   'Bin Laden alive,' says Interpol
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B. 01-06 Crash pilot was Bin Laden supporter Florida
C. 02-06 CIA warns of al-Qaeda attacks CIA
3. 06-22 Bin Laden 'on TV soon' Qatar
07-13 Report: Bin Laden alive Germany
F. 07-24 Hunt for bin Laden goes online USA
G. 07-30 bin Laden bodyguard captured Afghanistan
H. 08-18 FM Abdullah certain bin Laden is alive Afghanistan
8. 08-18 Tapes on bin Laden's network Afghanistan
9. 08-19 1998 Tape: bin Laden's declares war Afghanistan

  Hunt for bin Laden goes online  Intelligence agents have followed the trail of the world's most wanted man into cyberspace   bin Laden bodyguard captured  The reported capture of members of bin Laden's security suggests Osama is probably dead   FM Abdullah certain bin Laden is alive  The foreign minister said he was certain Osama and Mullah Omar survived U.S. bombing and were living in the region   Tapes on bin Laden's network  A large archive of al Qaeda videotapes obtained in Afghanistan is revealing images of chemical gas experiments on dogs   1998 Tape: bin Laden's declares war  A never-before-seen al Qaeda video shows Osama declaring war against the United States and the West   Al-Jazeera: Bin Laden praises hijackers  A tape purportedly of Osama bin Laden praises the al Qaeda hijackers for changing 'the face of history' Bin Laden's 9/11 reaction revealed  Detainees reveal Osama knew the attacks were coming and how many there were supposed to be   Terror attacks 1st anniversary Map of Ground Zero USA
  Crash pilot was Bin Laden supporter  Teenager who crashed a light aircraft into a skyscraper expressed sympathy toward Osama and the events of September 11   CIA warns of al-Qaeda attacks  CIA director George Tenet says bin Laden's network is planning more attacks against the US and its allies   Bin Laden 'on TV soon'  Osama is alive, well and will make a video statement soon, according to a recording said to be of an al-Qaeda spokesman   Report: Bin Laden alive

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  Osama is in between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the head of BND foreign intelligence network said in a newspaper interview

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  At Ground Zero in New York, at the Pentagon, in a field in Pennsylvania moments of silence were observed

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  Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble has warned that al Qaeda is preparing simultaneous attacks in several countries
Nov.12 bin Laden tape praises attacks
  An audiotaped statement attributed to Osama praises recent terror attacks in Yemen, Kuwait, Bali and Moscow
Nov.13 Tape 'proves bin Laden is alive'
  Experts have agreed that a voice praising recent attacks on Western targets is that of al-Qaeda leader
  U.S. looks for 'signals' in bin Laden tape  Intelligence analysts are looking for possible signals in the audiotaped warning, Ashcroft said at a news conference

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