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House votes to allow guns in cockpit Congress damns intelligence agencies  The Congress has released a damning report listing serious failings by CIA, FBI and NSA before last September's terror attacks Senat debates Iraq war fears  The Foreign Relations Committee is examining the possible danger Baghdad poses to US troops and war plans Defector: Iraq could have nukes by 2005  Senators opened hearings on a possible U.S. attack on Iraq with testimony from a former Iraqi nuclear engineer   Bush to seek Congress approval on Iraq  President vowed to make the case against the Iraqi leader on the international stage as well Bush, lawmakers discuss Iraq  Bush said his administration would work with Congress on a resolution authorizing him to use force against Iraq Hearing to reveal secrets of 9/11  Congressional committee reveals that analysts knew al Qaeda had previously plotted to use aircraft as terrorist weapons   Bush wants flexibility on Iraq  President will send proposed language to Congress for a resolution authorizing him to use force against Baghdad Draft resolution on Iraq sent to Hill  Some members of Congress are questioning Bush's request to use 'all means' necessary to disarm Saddam Hussein Congress boost for Bush on Iraq  Bush has reached a deal with leaders of the House of Representatives for the use of force against Iraq   Congress backs Bush war powers
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FBI's missed terror clues investigated  A Congress and the Justice Department probe into allegations by an agent that FBI hampered an investigation into Moussaoui Congress probes US intelligence failures Bush vows WorldCom inquiry  President, Congress and other federal regulators vowed to investigate WorldCom while analysts forecast bankruptcy Bush wants new laws on corporate abuse
Congress sues White House over Enron White House resists Enron challenge   Enron's Lay refused to testify  The Senate investigations is in disarray after the former CEO would not appear due to a prosecutorial climate   Enron ex-boss ordered to testify  A second Congressional panel has voted to order Kenneth Lay to give evidence over the collapse Enron ex-boss will attend hearings Former Enron boss refuses to testify Silent Enron boss faces Congress anger Congress passes campaign fund bill White House sued for Enron records Greenspan upbeat on US recovery Congress approves campaign cash curbs  Senate has given the final approval to a bill limiting the funding of political campaigns Senate backs electoral reform   Bush feels heat over terror alert

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  Members of the Congress have demanded to know whether the government was given enough information to head off the attacks

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  Former WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers and ex-CFO Scott Sullivan take Fifth on Capitol Hill

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  The Senate (77-23 in favour) has followed the House of Representatives in authorising President to use force against Iraq
Oct.30   Bush urged to toughen N. Korea stance  5 Congressmen are urging President to punish North Korea for continuing with its nuclear weapons program

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Nov.5   Congress falls to Republicans
  Republicans to hold onto control of the House, apparently win in 2 gubernatorial races and closer toward control of Senate

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Dec.17   Lott denies racism  Senate Republican Leader was appearing on BET, denounced his comments about the 1948 segregationist campaign Dec.20   Lott stepping down as majority leader
  Wounded by the controversy over his racially divisive comments, Lott stepping down as Senate Republican leader
Dec.21   Frist has votes to succeed Lott  Tennessee Sen. Bill Frist, a heart surgeon and second-term lawmaker should be elected as the new Senate GOP leader Dec.23   Frist elected Senate leader  Republican Senators have elected a former heart transplant surgeon to be their new leader

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