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UN says Iraq must face consequences  The 5 permanent members of the Security Council have agreed to put pressure to allow UN weapons inspectors to return   Iraq warns against fresh UN resolution  Iraq has said it will ignore any new resolutions adopted by the Security Council Security Council condemns Israeli siege  An approved resolution is calling for Arafat's siege end. The United States abstained calling the resolution 'one-sided' U.S. begins push for U.N. Iraq resolution
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UN relaxes Iraq sanctions  The Security Council has approved an overhaul of sanctions to release more humanitarian aid U.S. peacekeepers exempted
Mid-East diplomacy stepped up  The search for ways to calm Israeli-Palestinian bloodletting is being debated by Security Council   Annan calls for Mid-East peacekeepers  Secretary General told the Security Council that a multinational force was essential to end the deadly cycle of attacks UN agrees to Jenin probe

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  The Security Council has voted to send a fact-finding mission to look into Israeli military action at the Palestinian refugee camp

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  Security Council voted to exempt U.S. peacekeepers from prosecution by an international war crimes court for one year

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  The administration is negotiate a specific text, talking with the 4 other permanent members of Security Council
Sep.27   U.S. calls for Iraq deadline from U.N.  U.S. wants the Security Council to give Iraq one week to decide whether or not to accept a new resolution Sep.30     Iraq hopes for U.N. 'compromise'  Baghdad says it hopes to cooperate with a new 'compromise' resolution that it expects the Security Council to adopt

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Oct.28   Inspectors want clear Iraq mandate  The top inspectors urged Security Council for a clear mandate. White House said debate has gone on long enough Oct.30   Security Council closer to Iraq compromise  The next council meeting on the resolution will be when the US has a new draft resolution to present

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Nov.1   U.N. resolution on Iraq 'closer'
  The 5 permanent members of the Security Council have come significantly closer to agree a resolution in recent days Nov.6   U.S. wants U.N. vote on Iraq resolution
  The U.S.-British draft calls for an immediate Security Council meeting if Iraq does not comply with weapons inspectors   Council unease over Iraq resolution  France and Russia are concerned about ambiguities in the draft resolution on hunting down weapons of mass destruction Nov.8   U.N. passes Iraq resolution 1441
  Security Council resolution demands unfettered access for U.N. inspectors to search for weapons of mass destruction

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Dec.4   Iraq oil-for-food extended 6 months
  Security Council agreed to modify within 30 days the 'goods review list' of items banned for export Dec.8   Sec. Council to see unedited declaration
  The five permanent members will receive unedited copies of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction declaration

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1. 02-26 Mid-East diplomacy stepped up UN Security Council
C. 04-18 Annan calls for Mid-East peacekeepers UN Security Council
D. 04-19 UN agrees to Jenin probe UN Security Council
4. 05-14 UN relaxes Iraq sanctions UN Security Council
F. 07-12 U.S. peacekeepers exempted UN Security Council
G. 09-13 UN says Iraq must face consequences UN Security Council
7. 09-24 Security Council condemns Israeli siege UN Security Council
09-26 U.S. begins push for U.N. Iraq resolution Washington

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