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Coup leader tries to flee Chavez warns foes against new coup Threat of general strike to oust Chavez Hundreds flee floods 4 dead, 45,000 homeless in floods  Military evacuated hundreds of people and delivered tons of food and medicine Police and Chavez supporters in gunfight Chavez supporters protest coup ruling Chavez celebrated anniversary Chavez mulling constitutional reforms Economy registers sharpest drop ever  Venezuela's economy contracted 10% in the second quarter, as a slide in its vital oil revenue trimmed economic growth Thousands of Chavez supporters march Venezuela recovering, president says OAS in Venezuelan peace mission Thousands rally against Chavez Opposition seeks Chavez challenger Officers urge rebellion against Chavez Soldiers on streets highlight peace talks Nightclub Blaze in Caracas Kills 47
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Chavez, 2002   Venezuela, 2002   Venezuela Fire (9)   Venezuela Protest (31)   Venezuela Oil (23)   Venezuela Labor Conflict (6)
Army blocks Chavez exile   Interim president sworn in  Business leader Pedro Carmona has been sworn in as caretaker president at the request of the armed forces Chavez poised for comeback   Chavez returns to power
March against president Military challenge president   President to resign

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  Hugo Chavez is preparing to resign to the military leaders, the army's chief says
  Ousted President formally resumed his presidential powers in a televised ceremony

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  A fire ripped through a packed basement. Most of the victims suffocated by smoke
Dec.4 Chavez calls strike new coup attempt Dec.5     Troops step into strike  President Chavez has ordered the military to seize control of tankers and refineries Dec.6 Navy seizes tanker   Gunfire kills 2 at opposition rally  Shots were fired moments after opposition leaders announced they would extend and expand a general walkout Dec.7     Pro-Chavez rally in Caracas  Thousands of people wearing red berets marched to support embattled President Chavez threatens state of emergency Dec.9 Chavez supporters surround TV stations Dec.13 U.S. urges early Venezuelan elections Dec.14 Chavez rejects U.S. call for early vote   Opposition protests Chavez Map of Caracas Venezuela  Chanting 'He's going to fall,' hundreds of thousands of protesters poured into the streets of the Caracas Dec.15     Troops seize tanker  Soldiers carrying rifles boarded a striking oil tanker Pilin Leon and brought in a new crew Dec.16   Army condemns strike  Army chief said strike had sabotaged the nation's key oil industry and overstepped the boundaries of democracy Dec.17 Caracas reels as protests continue Dec.18   Strike strangles oil exports
  Opposition demonstrators blocked major highways and roads, paralyzing parts of the capital
Dec.19   Oil execs defy court order, stay off job
  Dissident executives of state-owned company defied a Supreme Court ruling to immediately return to work
Dec.20 OAS brokers election meeting
Dec.21     UK tells nationals to leave Venezuela  Britons have been advised to leave unless they have urgent reason to remain and not to travel to Venezuela   Troops board tankers  Chavez's government took new measures to try to retake control of oil production from striking petroleum workers Dec.22   Chavez vows to break oil strike  Striking managers at the state oil monopoly will be fired and prosecuted, President said Dec.23   Authorities claims oil industry progress  As a general strike entered its 4th week, authorities said they are advancing in their efforts to return life to normal Dec.25   Caracas Christmas marked by protests  Thousands of Venezuelans heralded Christmas with protests against and in defense of President Chavez Dec.26   Venezuela begins importing oil  An opposition-led strike to force the resignation of Chavez leads to further oil and food shortages Dec.27   Strike pushes oil to 2-year high  There is no end in sight for a 4-week-old strike that has cut exports from the OPEC member to a trickle Dec.29   Venezuela importing gas to ease oil strike  Opponents of President Hugo Chavez planned another day of demonstrations Dec.30   Several injured in Caracas clashes  Supporters and opponents of President Chavez clash each other. Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds

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B. 02-07 March against president Venezuela
C. 04-11 Military challenge president Caracas, Venezuela
3. 04-11 President to resign Venezuela
E. 04-12 Army blocks Chavez exile Venezuela
5. 04-12 Interim president sworn in Venezuela
6. 04-13 Chavez poised for comeback Venezuela
04-14 Chavez returns to power Venezuela
I. 05-23 Coup leader tries to flee Venezuela
J. 06-20 Chavez warns foes against new coup Caracas, Venezuela

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