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1. 12-10 Nobel winner Carter's Iraq warning Norway
2. 12-10 U.S. irons out Gulf HQ blips Qatar
D. 12-10 Rain has Sydney breathing easier Sydney
E. 12-10 Spanish slicks 'worst catastrophe' Spain
12-10 Scud missile ship seized Yemen
G. 12-10 Iraq accuses U.S. of 'blackmail' Iraq
H. 12-10 Police name attack suspect Mombasa, Kenya
I. 12-10 Labor picks dovish Knesset slate Jerusalem
J. 12-10 Inter beats Bayer 3-2 Milan


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Morning News

Dec.10   Norway   Nobel winner Carter's Iraq warning  Carter has warned of the 'catastrophic consequences' of a preventative war strategy in Iraq

  Qatar U.S. irons out Gulf HQ blips  Minor problems encountered during the first 36 hours of Exercise Internal Look, the Central Command training exercise

  Sydney Rain has Sydney breathing easier  Dousing rains have taken the sting out of bushfire crisis

  Spain Spanish slicks 'worst catastrophe'  Prime minister says the country is facing its 'worst ecological catastrophe ever' as oil from the tanker continues to take its toll

Day News

  Yemen   Scud missile ship seized
  12 missiles were found aboard unflagged ship, called the So San, that stopped in the Indian Ocean by a Spanish frigate

  Iraq Iraq accuses U.S. of 'blackmail'  Officials accused the United States of 'unprecedented blackmail' for obtaining an unedited copy of Iraq's dossier

  Kenya Police name attack suspect  Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan is suspected of having bought the vehicle used to bomb the hotel in Mombasa

  Jerusalem Labor picks dovish Knesset slate  Labor Party voters have lined up behind their moderate candidate for prime minister Amram Mitzna

  Milan Inter beats Bayer 3-2  2 first-half goals from Di Biagio helped Milan beat Leverkusen in their Champions League Group A match

Evening News

  Washington     U.S. warns it has nuke option  The administration warns any nation using weapons of mass destruction against the U.S. will face massive retaliation

  England     Conman scandal: Blair's wife sorry  The tearful wife of prime minister Cherie Blair said she only met Peter Foster, who is facing deportation, once

  Iraq Hunt continues as U.N. team grows  Acting on weapons declaration, weapons inspectors visited the Al Fatah factory located in the outskirts of Baghdad

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