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Crime Main Event: U.S. lets Scud ship sail t...
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B. 12-11 Yemen protests over Scud seizure Yemen
2. 12-11 eBay hit by credit card scam San Francisco Bay Area
D. 12-11 Army pushes rebels Ivory Coast
E. 12-11 Tanker could leak oil until 2006 Spain
12-11 U.S. lets Scud ship sail to Yemen Yemen
G. 12-11 Europe's super rocket explodes French Guiana
H. 12-11 Smallpox vaccinations for military ordered Washington
8. 12-11 MI5 misjudged Bali threats England
9. 12-11 FBI: 9/11 hijackers may have used spray New York


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Morning News

Dec.11   Yemen   Yemen protests over Scud seizure  Yemen has demanded the return of 15 missiles and warheads seized by US and Spanish forces while en route from N. Korea

  San Francisco Bay Area eBay hit by credit card scam  The online auction site has been targeted by fraudsters using a shadow site to steal credit card details

  Ivory Coast Army pushes rebels  Army struck with tanks and helicopters takes back a town in a western region and was pushing on toward the Liberian border

  Spain Tanker could leak oil until 2006  The sunken Prestige could cause long-lasting damage to the coastline of north-west Spain

Day News

  Yemen   U.S. lets Scud ship sail to Yemen
  U.S. officials allowed a freighter to proceed after the Yemeni government said it purchased the missiles from North Korea

  French Guiana   Europe's super rocket explodes Map of French Guiana
  New heavy-lift rocket Ariane 5-ESCA has failed on its maiden flight and exploded over the Atlantic three minutes later

  Washington   Smallpox vaccinations for military ordered  Bush plans to order military personnel to begin getting vaccinations to protect against the possibility of biological attack

  England MI5 misjudged Bali threats  A parliamentary committee said that intelligence made a 'serious misjudgment' assessing the threat to British interests

  New York FBI: 9/11 hijackers may have used spray  The hijackers on the first plane to hit the World Trade Center may have used chemical spray to subdue passengers and crew

  Spain Lokomotiv derails Real in draw  An inspired second half comeback earned a surprise 2-2 draw against title holders in the Champions League

Evening News

  Denmark   EU to hammer out expansion deal  European Union leaders are meeting to seal a deal on the expansion of the EU to 25 member states

  Pakistan 'Honor killings' rise  461 women murdered by family members in 2002 for adultery, being raped or even cooking poorly

San Francisco Bay Area , December 11, 2002 Timeline