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12-13 U.S.: Iraq report 'far short' of complete Washington
C. 12-13 Cardinal Law quits over sex scandal Boston
D. 12-13 EU enters expansion endgame Denmark
E. 12-13 Home win for Montillet in Super-G France
F. 12-13 India remembers parliament attack New Delhi
G. 12-13 North Korea attacks U.S. 'piracy' North Korea
H. 12-13 Kim, Bush: N. Korea move 'unacceptable' Washington
I. 12-13 Tension as inspectors locked out Iraq
J. 12-13 U.S. urges early Venezuelan elections Venezuela


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Morning News

Dec.13   Washington   U.S.: Iraq report 'far short' of complete  Officials believe Iraq's declaration of its weapons of mass destruction program omits many details

  Boston   Cardinal Law quits over sex scandal  Archbishop has resigned amid accusations that he covered up paedophilia by Roman Catholic priests in his diocese

  Denmark   EU enters expansion endgame  EU leaders have formally approved a 2004 review date for Turkey's candidacy and offered Poland 1bn extra euros

  France Home win for Montillet in Super-G  Carole Montillet snared her 2nd World Cup victory of the season, winning with an aggressive run on a tricky course

  New Delhi India remembers parliament attack  Leaders unveiled a plaque at the site of an attack last year that killed 9 police officers

  North Korea North Korea attacks U.S. 'piracy'  North Korea is accusing the United States of 'unpardonable piracy' following the seizure of a ship carrying Scud missiles

Day News

  Washington Kim, Bush: N. Korea move 'unacceptable'  Presidents of U.S. and South Korea agreed to work together and with Japan to resolve the situation peacefully

  Iraq Tension as inspectors locked out  The top Iraqi and U.N. officials were called to Baghdad after inspectors reported a problem tagging equipment

  Venezuela U.S. urges early Venezuelan elections  The White House called on all parties to refrain from violence

  Germany Man killed and ate man  Police are watching home videos made by a man who killed and ate a man after advertising for a victim on the Internet

Evening News

  Denmark     Agreement bring 10 new countries into EU
  European leaders have hailed as historic a milestone agreement

  Iraq Iraqi jet tried to trap U.S. jets  An Iraqi fighter jet attempted to lead two U.S. fighter planes over a battery of surface-to-air missiles in the no-fly zone

  Washington Kissinger quits as 9/11 inquiry chief  Former Secretary of State has resigned as chairman of a commission investigating September 11 events

  Colombia Bomb blasts rock Bogota  A bomb exploded in the restaurant of a luxury hotel, injuring 15 people. Another bomb injured a prominent senator

  Washington U.S.: Iran working on nuclear weapons  The United States accused Iran of 'actively working' on a nuclear weapons progra

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