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War & Army Main Event: 41 killed in Grozny b...
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12-27 41 killed in Grozny blasts Chechnya
2. 12-27 Nuclear inspectors expelled North Korea
D. 12-27 Kenyans vote as Moi bows out Kenya
E. 12-27 Islamic terror suspect arrested Spain
5. 12-27 No nuclear arms for Iran Russia
6. 12-27 Turkey delays Iraq war decision Turkey
H. 12-27 Strike pushes oil to 2-year high Venezuela
I. 12-27 Cloned baby birth claim Florida
J. 12-27 N Korea urged to rethink nuclear plans UN


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Morning News

Dec.27   Chechnya   41 killed in Grozny blasts
  2 powerful explosions have rocked the Chechen capital, wrecking a major pro-Kremlin government building

  North Korea     Nuclear inspectors expelled
  North Korea decided to expel IAEA inspectors who have been monitoring its frozen nuclear facilities

  Kenya   Kenyans vote as Moi bows out  Landmark presidential elections mark the end of almost a quarter century of rule by Daniel arap Moi

  Spain Islamic terror suspect arrested  A man is described as a 'dangerous terrorist' who has trained in camps in Afghanistan controlled by bin Laden

  Russia No nuclear arms for Iran  Russia has denied its deal to speed up construction of a reactor that will give Tehran access to nuclear weapons

  Turkey Turkey delays Iraq war decision  NATO member will delay any decision until weapons inspectors have announced their initial findings

  Venezuela Strike pushes oil to 2-year high  There is no end in sight for a 4-week-old strike that has cut exports from the OPEC member to a trickle

Day News

  Florida   Cloned baby birth claim
  Clonaid, company linked to a philosophical sect, says that it has produced the world's first cloned human baby

  UN N Korea urged to rethink nuclear plans  The nuclear watchdog IAEA has asked to reconsider decision to expel UN inspectors

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