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Politics Main Event: 3 U.S. aid workers kill...
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12-30 3 U.S. aid workers killed Yemen
2. 12-30 Kibaki sworn in Kenya
D. 12-30 Inspectors widen tours Iraq
E. 12-30 FBI seeks 5 men in U.S. illegally FBI
5. 12-30 'Sanctions won't work' South Korea
G. 12-30 US seeks justice over murders Yemen
7. 12-30 S Korea may reach out to north South Korea
8. 12-30 Several injured in Caracas clashes Venezuela
J. 12-30 Expelled UN team leaves N Korea North Korea


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Morning News

Dec.30   Yemen   3 U.S. aid workers killed
  A suspected Islamic extremist shot dead 3 humanitarian workers and wounded a fourth at a missionary hospital

  Kenya     Kibaki sworn in  Former opposition leader Mwai Kibaki is ending the 24-year rule of outgoing head of state Daniel arap Moi

  Iraq Inspectors widen tours  5 separate teams of inspectors descended on a munitions factory and a water treatment facility

  FBI FBI seeks 5 men in U.S. illegally  The names were gathered in ongoing investigations. FBI had no specific information the men were connected to terror

  South Korea 'Sanctions won't work'  Prime minister Kim Suk-soo said his country may attempt direct talks with Pyongyang to abandon nuclear program

Day News

  Yemen   US seeks justice over murders  US has promised to work closely with the authorities to investigate the murders of 3 American missionaries

  South Korea S Korea may reach out to north  Prime minister said his country may attempt direct talks in an effort to get the north to abandon nuclear program

  Venezuela Several injured in Caracas clashes  Supporters and opponents of President Chavez clash each other. Police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds

Evening News

  North Korea   Expelled UN team leaves N Korea  Two inspectors ordered out of North Korea have arrived in Beijing

  Washington U.S. tracking ships linked to al Qaeda  Spy agencies have identified 15 cargo freighters around the world that are controlled by al Qaeda network

  West Bank Fighting kills 5 in West Bank, Gaza  Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian gunman disguised as an Israeli soldier after he opened fire on the troops

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