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B. 12-31 3rd consecutive year of stock losses New York
2. 12-31 Annan: Iraq is cooperating UN
3. 12-31 N Korea threatens to ditch treaty North Korea
E. 12-31 Airport arms find: Witness held France
F. 12-31 Deadly explosion in southern Philippines Mindanao, Southern Philippines
G. 12-31 IAEA hopes inspectors will return Austria
H. 12-31 Aid boat to cyclone-hit islands delayed Solomon Islands
8. 12-31 Minister fired in vote-buying scandal Jerusalem
12-31 New Year fireworks blast kills 28 Mexico


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Morning News

Dec.31   New York   3rd consecutive year of stock losses
  World markets are making the current share price slump one of the longest on record

  UN     Annan: Iraq is cooperating  Secretary-General does not think the U.S. will launch a military strike on Iraq before inspectors present their report

  North Korea     N Korea threatens to ditch treaty  N Korea claims it's unable to meet its obligations under a non-proliferation pact because of threats from the U.S.

  France Airport arms find: Witness held  A retired French soldier whose tip led police to a mini-arsenal in a car at a Paris airport has been taken into custody

  Southern Philippines Deadly explosion in southern Philippines  A grenade killed at least 6 people and injured more than 30 in Mindanao island

  Austria IAEA hopes inspectors will return  The International Atomic Energy Agency views the expulsion of its nuclear inspectors from North Korea with 'regret'

  Solomon Islands Aid boat to cyclone-hit islands delayed  Departure of a boat carrying shelter and medicines has been delayed until the government pays for supplies

Day News

  Jerusalem     Minister fired in vote-buying scandal  Sharon fired his deputy infrastructure minister Naomi Blumenthal to quiet a scandal that has rocked his Likud party

Evening News

  Mexico   New Year fireworks blast kills 28
  Explosion occured in a street market full of fireworks stalls and sparked a blaze that spread to nearby buildings

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