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Crime Main Event: Blast rocks McDonald's
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12-05 Blast rocks McDonald's Indonesia
C. 12-05 Saddam: Give U.N. inspectors a chance Iraq
D. 12-05 United Airlines faces bankruptcy USA
4. 12-05 Terror suspect admits Bali ties Bali
5. 12-05 No terror link to Ikea bombs - PM Netherlands
G. 12-05 Incursion into Palestinian camp kills 9 Gaza
H. 12-05 Troops step into strike Venezuela
I. 12-05 President faces impeachment Paraguay
J. 12-05 Bush meets leaders of Kenya, Ethiopia Washington


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Morning News

Dec.5   Indonesia   Blast rocks McDonald's
  2 explosions have rocked a restaurant and a car showroom in the eastern Indonesian town of Makassar

  Iraq     Saddam: Give U.N. inspectors a chance  Iraqi President said his country is giving weapons inspectors a chance to prove Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction

  USA United Airlines faces bankruptcy  Federal government threw out request for loan guarantees

  Bali Terror suspect admits Bali ties  Ali Ghufron, aka Mukhlas, has admitted to police that he attended planning sessions for the Bali terror attack

  Netherlands No terror link to Ikea bombs - PM  Bomb threats to furniture stores have no link to terrorism, the Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende said

Day News

  Gaza   Incursion into Palestinian camp kills 9
  Tanks blew up the house of a suicide bomber at El-Bureij refugee camp

  Venezuela     Troops step into strike  President Chavez has ordered the military to seize control of tankers and refineries

  Paraguay President faces impeachment  Congress voted to start impeachment proceedings against Luis Gonzalez Macchi, besieged by corruption scandals

  Washington Bush meets leaders of Kenya, Ethiopia  President expressed his condolences for attacks, and pledged to join with the Horn of Africa nations to combat terrorism

  Sydney Firefighters battle to control blazes  Firefighters are hoping to control 70 fires over the next 72 hours before weather conditions are expected to deteriorate

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