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12-09 United flies into bankruptcy New York
2. 12-09 Experts examine Iraq dossier UN
D. 12-09 Attack suspect photos issued Kenya
4. 12-09 Netanyahu wins key consolation prize Jerusalem
5. 12-09 Bush taps Snow for Treasury Washington
G. 12-09 U.S. kicks off war games Qatar
H. 12-09 Army deployed to battle oil Spain
8. 12-09 Iraq dossier hints at 'dirty bomb' UN
9. 12-09 Sharon adviser against Arafat trip Jerusalem


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Morning News

Dec.9   New York   United flies into bankruptcy
  United Airlines filed for the largest bankruptcy in airline history, succumbing to continued losses and debt payments

  UN   Experts examine Iraq dossier  The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei called for patience

  Kenya   Attack suspect photos issued  Police have released computer-generated images of two men

  Jerusalem Netanyahu wins key consolation prize  Foreign Minister was able to place 10 of his supporters among the Likud party's top 31 candidates for seats in Knesset

  Washington Bush taps Snow for Treasury  John W. Snow, CEO of CSX Corp., is the president's choice to replace Paul H. O'Neill as treasury secretary

  Qatar U.S. kicks off war games  A major war games simulation is to test a forward command center that could direct an eventual conflict in Iraq

  Spain Army deployed to battle oil  3000 soldiers have joined the battle to clean the country's oil-covered northwest coast

Day News

  UN   Iraq dossier hints at 'dirty bomb'  Declaration could identify countries or firms that supplied nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs

  Jerusalem Sharon adviser against Arafat trip  A top Israeli government spokesman said that Palestinian leader should not travel to Bethlehem for Christmas services

  Montreal Cuban survives stowaway ordeal  A stowaway has reached Montreal alive after clinging to the landing gear of a passenger plane on a freezing flight from Cuba

Evening News

  Venezuela Chavez supporters surround TV stations  Supporters of President are accusing studios of cooperating with attempts to oust his government

  West Bank Arafat facing challenge from Barghouti  Arafat says elections set for January 20 will have to be delayed unless Israeli troops withdraw

  Washington U.S. upbeat after China military talks  The U.S. has described as useful the senior level policy discussions with Chinese military officials

  Brazil Mudslides kill dozens  Rescue efforts are continuing to try to find survivors after mudslides at a coastal resort killed at least 36 people

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