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Crime Main Event: Trader missing after $750m...
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02-06 Trader missing after $750m fraud Ireland
2. 02-06 Key suspect named in reporter's kidnap Pakistan
3. 02-06 American Taleban to stay in jail Washington
4. 02-06 AIB trader 'meets US authorities' Baltimore
5. 02-06 CIA warns of al-Qaeda attacks CIA
G. 02-06 Palestinian truck carried missiles West Bank
H. 02-06 Duisenberg to quit ECB Netherlands
I. 02-06 3 dead in avalanche Afghanistan


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Morning News

Feb.6   Ireland   Trader missing after $750m fraud
  Allied Irish Banks has named John Rusnak, a US citizen, as the trader at the centre of a fraud at its US subsidiary

  Pakistan   Key suspect named in reporter's kidnap  British-born Muslim militant, Sheikh Omar Saeed, is implicated in the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl

  Melbourne South Africa beat New Zealand  Ntini takes 5 wickets and fires South Africa to high-speed win

  Washington American Taleban to stay in jail  judge rejected a request for John Walker Lindh release on bail

Day News

  Baltimore   AIB trader 'meets US authorities' Map of Baltimore  Lawyers for John Rusnak have said their client is talking with feds

  CIA CIA warns of al-Qaeda attacks  CIA director George Tenet says bin Laden's network is planning more attacks against the US and its allies

  West Bank Palestinian truck carried missiles  Israel has put on display captured missiles capable of hitting Israel's coastal cities

Evening News

  Netherlands Duisenberg to quit ECB  Wim Duisenberg is the Dutch president of the European Central Bank

  Afghanistan 3 dead in avalanche  100 people were trapped outside the recently-reopened Salang tunnel

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