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Crime Main Event: 5 dead in church blast
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B. 03-16 EU summit agrees key reforms Spain
2. 03-16 Clashes force new curfew Ahmedabad, Gujarat
D. 03-16 Heavy fighting Congo
E. 03-16 Bush sends books to Afghanistan Washington
F. 03-16 Signs of Middle East breakthrough Israel
03-16 5 dead in church blast Islamabad, Pakistan
7. 03-16 Archbishop murdered Cali,, Colombia


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Morning News

Mar.16   Spain   EU summit agrees key reforms  Measures to strengthen EU economies and improve competition in an attempt to catch up with the US

  Gujarat     Clashes force new curfew Map of Ahmedabad India  Police have imposed a curfew in parts of city of Ahmedabad after deadly clashes between Hindu and Muslim gangs

  Congo Heavy fighting  Airport in the town of Moliro is under the control of soldiers fighting for a Rwandan-backed rebel faction

  Washington Bush sends books to Afghanistan  The US is sending 10 million school textbooks and some teacher trainers

Day News

  Israel   Signs of Middle East breakthrough  Sharon will meet senior Palestinian officials and envoy Anthony Zinni to negotiate terms for a ceasefire

Evening News

  Pakistan   5 dead in church blast
Map of Islamabad Pakistan
  45 people had been injured in the grenade attack on a Protestant church in the capital, Islamabad

  Colombia Archbishop murdered  In the city of Cali, 63-year-old Isaias Duarte Cancino has been shot dead by unknown gunmen

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