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Crime Main Event: 9 Israelis killed in gun a...
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1. 03-02 7 killed in blast Jerusalem
C. 03-02 US soldier killed as Afghans retreat Afghanistan
D. 03-02 News blackouts on riots Gujarat
E. 03-02 France upsets England at Six Nations France
F. 03-02 Caves hit with pressure bombs Afghanistan
03-02 9 Israelis killed in gun attack West Bank
7. 03-02 Violence fans out Gujarat
I. 03-02 Commonwealth rift over Zimbabwe Australia


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Morning News

Mar.2   Jerusalem     7 killed in blast  A suicide bomber has struck in a religious neighbourhood. Killed includes an 18-month-old baby girl and the bomber

  Afghanistan US soldier killed as Afghans retreat  An offensive by Afghan and American forces against Taleban and al-Qaeda in the mountains have run into difficulty

  Gujarat News blackouts on riots  State authorities have imposed restrictions on news broadcasts to curb Hindu-Muslim violence that has left 350 dead

  France France upsets England at Six Nations  France is taking the tournament lead

Day News

  Afghanistan   Caves hit with pressure bombs  The US forces have dropped 2 devastating high-pressure blast bombs on Taleban and al-Qaeda positions

Evening News

  West Bank   9 Israelis killed in gun attack
  The shooting took place at an army roadblock near the Palestinian village and the Jewish settlement

  Gujarat Violence fans out  More incidents of arson and looting have been reported from villages

  Australia Commonwealth rift over Zimbabwe  Leaders meeting look to be on a collision course over whether to take action against Zimbabwe

  Melbourne Schumacher wins 5th Formula One  World champion claims five Formula One titles by winning the first race of the new season

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