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Politics Main Event: Quake kills 2,000
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1. 03-26 Israel agonises over Arafat travel ban Israel
2. 03-26 Green light for Galileo project European Union
03-26 Quake kills 2,000 Northern Afghanistan
E. 03-26 8 dead in shooting Paris
F. 03-26 Andersen chief steps down USA
6. 03-26 Arafat to miss Arab summit Beirut
7. 03-26 Key leaders absent from Arab summit Lebanon


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Morning News

Mar.26   Israel Israel agonises over Arafat travel ban  Intensive negotiations are going on to decide whether Palestinian leader will be allowed to attend an Arab summit

  European Union Green light for Galileo project  A multi-billion-euro network of global satellites will provide navigational data for future car drivers and mobile phone users

Day News

  Northern Afghanistan   Quake kills 2,000
  Series of earthquakes struck remote northern province of Baghlan. Up to 20,000 had been left homeless

  Paris   8 dead in shooting
  A gunman opened fire with an automatic weapon at Nanterre town hall as people were leaving a local council meeting

  USA Andersen chief steps down  Joseph Berardino was with Andersen for 30 years. He is leaving in bid to prevent the firm's collapse

  Beirut Arafat to miss Arab summit  Palestinian leader has decided not to attend a key summit in Beirut after Israel set conditions for releasing him

Evening News

  Lebanon   Key leaders absent from Arab summit  Summit to discuss a Saudi peace plan is opening, with the Palestinian, Egyptian and Jordanian leaders all staying away

  Australia Aussies abandon Zimbabwe tour  Australia have called off proposed tour due to growing safety concerns

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