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Crime Main Event: Israeli army leaves Ramall...
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B. 05-01 May Day rallies against Le Pen France
2. 05-01 Blast near Real Madrid stadium Madrid
D. 05-01 Deal close on Arafat freedom West Bank
4. 05-01 18 die in jail fire Algeria
05-01 Israeli army leaves Ramallah West Bank
G. 05-01 Real makes Champions League final Madrid
7. 05-01 Top Belgrade official surrenders Belgrade


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Morning News

May.1   France   May Day rallies against Le Pen  1.1 million people have taken part in demonstrations against far-right presidential candidate

  Madrid Blast near Real Madrid stadium  A car bomb has exploded as football fans were arriving for a crucial match. ETA has claimed responsibility

  West Bank Deal close on Arafat freedom  6 Palestinians wanted by Israel will be transferred to a jail in Jericho within hours

  Algeria 18 die in jail fire  A fire has ripped through an high security jail. It appears to have been started by prisoners

Day News

  West Bank     Israeli army leaves Ramallah
  Forces have completed their withdrawal from the ravaged compound of Yasser Arafat

  Madrid   Real makes Champions League final Map of Madrid  Madrid saw off a furious second-half fightback from Barcelona to clinch a 1-1 draw

Evening News

  Washington Hu warns US over Taiwan  Vice-President Hu Jintao held talks with Bush for talks covering China's human rights and the war against terrorism

  Belgrade Top Belgrade official surrenders  Former Deputy Prime Minister, Nikola Sainovic, is flying to give himself up to the war crimes tribunal

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