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Terror Main Event: 12 Dead in Attack on Isra...
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11-15 12 Dead in Attack on Israelis in Hebron West Bank
C. 11-15 Maoists launch major offensives Nepal
D. 11-15 Brothers jailed for murdering father Florida
4. 11-15 Al Qaeda 'plans spectacular hit' Washington
F. 11-15 Schroeder sees popularity 'dive' Berlin


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Morning News

Nov.15   West Bank   12 Dead in Attack on Israelis in Hebron
  At a double ambush, gunmen were attacking first the settlers and then troops who tried to come to their rescue

  Nepal     Maoists launch major offensives  Rebels have struck 2 mountain towns, killing at least 68 police and soldiers

  Florida Brothers jailed for murdering father  Derek King, 14, and his 13-year-old brother Alex were pleading guilty to killing their father with a baseball bat

  Washington Al Qaeda 'plans spectacular hit'  The 'spectacular attacks' will cause 'mass casualties' and 'severe damage' to the economy

  Berlin Schroeder sees popularity 'dive'  Government has fallen further in popularity in the 8 weeks since winning re-election than any other in post-war history

San Francisco Bay Area , November 15, 2002 Timeline