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1. 11-02 Criminal probe into school collapse Italy
C. 11-02 Queen criticised as butler cleared England
D. 11-02 Islamic party ahead Turkey
E. 11-02 12 militants killed Kashmir
5. 11-02 Man saved after 26 days adrift Caribbean
G. 11-02 Beckham wife 'kidnap plot foiled' England
7. 11-02 Short circuit caused fire Morocco
11-02 Mass funeral for lost generation Southern Italy


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Morning News

Nov.2   Italy   Criminal probe into school collapse  Prosecutors have opened an investigation into why a school collapsed, wiping out most of a town's 6 and 7-year-old children

  England Queen criticised as butler cleared  Queen Elizabeth intervention led to the sensational collapse of the trial of Diana's former butler on theft charges

  Turkey Islamic party ahead  Polls predict a defeat to ruling coalition parties and victory to the Justice and Development Party

  Kashmir 12 militants killed  Indian security forces intercepted suspected militants, trying to cross from Pakistani-controlled Kashmir

  Caribbean Man saved after 26 days adrift  Britain's Royal Navy has rescued a man who survived by drinking rainwater after his speedboat broke down

Day News

  England Beckham wife 'kidnap plot foiled'  A plot to kidnap the popstar wife of football captain David Beckham, has been foiled after the arrest of 5 people

  Colorado New York wins US Olympic bid over SF  At U.S. Olympic Committee New York received 132 points out of possible total of 223 to beat out San Francisco

  Morocco Short circuit caused fire  A short circuit likely caused a fire at a prison, while many of the deaths were caused by fumes from burning mattresses

Evening News

  Southern Italy   Mass funeral for lost generation
  The president Carlo Azeglio Ciampi is due to attend outdoor service for the victims of 5.9-magnitude quake

  Australia   Radical cleric 'set sights' on Australia  Abu Bakar Ba'asyir being probed by Indonesia made almost a dozen visits to Australia in the past decade

  Libya Beauty contestants don Gadhafi tees  At international beauty pageant contestants ditched swimsuits and sequins for T-shirts and dresses

  Iran bin Laden's son detained  Security forces have detained several hundred people suspected of links to the al-Qaida

  Philippines U.S. urges caution in Philippines  The State Department urged Americans in the Philippines to maintain a high level of security awareness

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