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Crime Main Event: Israel calls early electio...
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11-05 Israel calls early elections Jerusalem
2. 11-05 Royal 'kidnap' case halted Swaziland
D. 11-05 North Korea threatens missile tests Japan
4. 11-05 Second Bali bombing suspect arrested Jakarta
F. 11-05 Jeb Bush re-elected as governor Florida
G. 11-05 Dem. Lautenberg leads for Senate seat New Jersey
H. 11-05 McCarthy quits Ireland Ireland
I. 11-05 AKP set to choose prime minister Turkey
9. 11-05 8 arrested over Tunisia blast Lyon, Southern France


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Morning News

Nov.5   Jerusalem   Israel calls early elections
  Sharon has called early elections to be held within 90 days after attempts to put together a new coalition government failed

  Swaziland Royal 'kidnap' case halted  A mother has halted an attempt to sue the monarch and get her 18-year-old daughter back

  Japan North Korea threatens missile tests  Japan's Prime Minister is not taking seriously a threat to resume missile tests if bilateral normalization talks fail

  Jakarta Second Bali bombing suspect arrested  Police are questioning two men, one in Medan and a second in Jakarta

Day News

  Florida   Jeb Bush re-elected as governor  President campaigned heavily leading up to the vote

  New Jersey Dem. Lautenberg leads for Senate seat  Late-entry Frank Lautenberg was replacing scandal-plagued incumbent Robert Torricelli on the ballot

  Ireland McCarthy quits Ireland  English-born coach resigned as Ireland manager after 6-1/2 years in the job

  Turkey AKP set to choose prime minister  Leader of the Islamist-based party Justice and Development, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is barred due to a past conviction

  Southern France 8 arrested over Tunisia blast  Intelligence agents near Lyon have arrested in 8 suspects in connection with a synagogue attack in which 21 tourists died

Evening News

  House of Representatives   Congress falls to Republicans
  Republicans to hold onto control of the House, apparently win in 2 gubernatorial races and closer toward control of Senate

  France   12 dead in train fire  2 sleeper cars of a passenger train caught fire. All of the dead have been killed by smoke inhalation

  Pakistan Coalition deal hits Musharraf  Islamic parties have struck a deal with a pro-democracy bloc to forge a civilian government

  France Panic as Concorde engine fails  The pilot en route from NY to Paris rapidly descended 27,000 feet as passengers clutched each other in fear

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