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1. 11-07 Gephardt won't seek new leadership term Washington
C. 11-07 Man 'confesses' to planting Bali bomb Indonesia
3. 11-07 Burrell attacks Diana's family England
E. 11-07 England flattened at Ashes cricket series Australia
5. 11-07 Outrage after parliament put on hold Pakistan
G. 11-07 Iraq signals inspection climbdown Iraq
H. 11-07 Crash recorder examined Luxembourg
11-07 Communist Party Congress opens Beijing
J. 11-07 Al Qaeda admits Bali blasts on Web Indonesia


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Morning News

Nov.7   Washington   Gephardt won't seek new leadership term  2 Democrats are vying to fill the spot: Martin Frost of Texas and Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi of California

  Indonesia   Man 'confesses' to planting Bali bomb  Police say a van owner has confessed during interrogation to being part of a group that planted the nightclub bomb

  England Burrell attacks Diana's family  Former royal butler has launched a scathing attack on the family of Princess of Wales

  Australia England flattened at Ashes cricket series  Hayden, Ponting pile up runs as Australia demoralized a fumbling England 11 on the opening day

  Pakistan Outrage after parliament put on hold  Government is drawing strong condemnation after it decided to postpone the opening of parliament by a week

  Iraq Iraq signals inspection climbdown  Official media has signalled the country may be ready to accept UN resolution on disarmament

  Luxembourg Crash recorder examined  The families of the 20 people who died when a plane crashed in fog have arrived at the site to grieve

Day News

  Beijing   Communist Party Congress opens
  More than 2,000 Party delegates have gathered for a meeting which looks set to approve sweeping leadership changes

  Indonesia   Al Qaeda admits Bali blasts on Web  Islamic militant group said in the al Neda Web site it had targeted 'nightclubs and whorehouses in Indonesia'

  Spain Gibraltar rejects deal with Spain  People have voted overwhelmingly to reject any agreement to give Spain joint sovereignty over the British colony

Evening News

  Togo Ivory Coast's peace talks  Ivory Coast's rebels and government negotiators resumed peace talks, while away geared up for war

  Beijing Jiang rules out democratic reform  Western-style multi-party democracy has been ruled out in a speech by Communist Party chief

  Paraguay 'Tri-border' back on terrorism radar  Several top terrorist operatives met recently in the area to plan attacks against U.S. and Israeli targets

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