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11-09 Anti-war march attracts 200,000 Florence, Northern Italy
2. 11-09 Top Palestinian militant killed in gun battle Jenin, West Bank
D. 11-09 Iraq says US plans 'foiled' Iraq
E. 11-09 Nigeria to quash stoning sentence Abuja, Nigeria
5. 11-09 Aceh rebels surrounded Aceh
G. 11-09 Arabs urge Iraq to accept resolution Arab Countries
H. 11-09 U.S. embassy guard killed Nepal
I. 11-09 Homes destroyed in bushfires Australia
9. 11-09 Ivory Coast talks suspended Togo


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Morning News

Nov.9   Northern Italy     Anti-war march attracts 200,000 Map of Florence Italy
  March through Florence was promoted as the first Europe-wide anti-war rally. It passed off peacefully

  West Bank   Top Palestinian militant killed in gun battle Map of Jenin Israel  Israeli forces shot and killed Iyad Sawalcha, 27, after he opened fire on them in the old city of Jenin

  Iraq     Iraq says US plans 'foiled'  Foreign Minister has praised the Security Council for 'thwarting' American attempts to use it as a cover to attack Iraq

  Nigeria Nigeria to quash stoning sentence  Nearly a dozen contestants have decided to stay away from the December 7 Miss World pageant in Abuja

  Aceh Aceh rebels surrounded  It is not clear what the government forces intend to do with the Free Aceh movement rebels

Day News

  Arab Countries     Arabs urge Iraq to accept resolution  Officials are making it clear they want Iraq to comply fully with the resolution, in order to avert a US-led attack

  Nepal U.S. embassy guard killed  A security officer has been shot dead by unidentified assailants in a deliberate escalation of violence by Maoist rebels

  Australia Homes destroyed in bushfires  3,000 firefighters battled 100 bushfires with soaring temperatures and low humidity

Evening News

  Togo Ivory Coast talks suspended  Brother of a rebel leader was killed. The rebels will only return if President guarantees the security of everyone

  Moscow Theatre honours hostage victims  Singers and actors from the musical Nord-Ost have performed for the first time since Chechen gunmen burst into theatre

  Sydney Winds bring new fire threat  Strong winds in the state of New South Wales are threatening to fan new blazes

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