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War & Army Main Event: China hid SARS patien...
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04-18 China hid SARS patients Beijing
2. 04-18 N. Korea 'reprocessing fuel rods' North Korea
D. 04-18 Protesters denounce 'occupation' Iraq
E. 04-18 New purported Saddam tapes aired United Arab Emirates
5. 04-18 Poland buys US fighter jets Poland
G. 04-18 Pope to mark Iraq war and SARS Vatican
H. 04-18 Iraq's neighbours urge US withdrawal Saudi Arabia


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Morning News

Apr.18   Beijing     China hid SARS patients
  Authorities have gone to staggering lengths to hide patients from visiting World Health Organization inspectors

  North Korea   N. Korea 'reprocessing fuel rods'
  Foreign Ministry: North Korea is in the final stages of reprocessing thousands of spent nuclear fuel rods

  Iraq   Protesters denounce 'occupation'  Thousands have taken to the streets of Baghdad after Friday prayers, to protest against what they see as a foreign occupation

  United Arab Emirates New purported Saddam tapes aired  Videotape showing a man said to be Saddam Hussein greeting supporters on April 9, the day the capital fell

  Poland Poland buys US fighter jets  Poland has signed a $3.5bn contract to buy 48 Lockheed Martin F-16s

Day News

  Washington   N. Korea move puts talks in jeopardy  U.S. official: the United States is reconsidering whether to hold talks after N. Korea is again reprocessing nuclear fuel rods

  Vatican Pope to mark Iraq war and SARS  John Paul II is to pay tribute to those who have been affected by the war in Iraq, and those hit by the SARS virus

Evening News

  Saudi Arabia     Iraq's neighbours urge US withdrawal  The foreign ministers of the group of 8 states also demanded the speedy formation of a representative government

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