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Kurds start to leave Kirkuk  Guerrillas have begun to pull back from the city which they seized from Saddam Hussein's regime U.S. Troops working to calm Mosul  A clash between Arabs and the Marines resulted in the deaths of at least 7 Iraqis near the city center U.S. inspects truck for biological weapons  Truck seized by American forces south of city of Mosul 'recently been thoroughly scrubbed' US forces hit in northern Iraq  2 US soldiers have been killed and another injured in a Kurdish-controlled area   Saddam's sons killed in raid
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Politics Main Event: Airstrike hits north as...
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B. 03-20 Iraqis fire mortars at Kurds Kurdistan
03-20 Airstrike hits north as tanks roll from south
D. 03-21 Turkish troops cross Iraqi border Turkey
E. 03-22 Australian cameraman killed Northern Iraq
F. 03-22 Turkey denies moving troops into Iraq Turkey
6. 04-02 Powell assures Turkey on N. Iraq Turkey
7. 04-10 Saddam statue tumbles in Kirkuk Kurdistan
I. 04-10 Northern Iraq cities falling Kirkuk, Kurdistan
J. 04-10 US troops heading for Mosul Mosul

Turkish troops cross Iraqi border  More than 1,000 troops were reported to have crossed the border into northern Iraq Australian cameraman killed Turkey denies moving troops into Iraq   Powell assures Turkey on N. Iraq  Secretary of State was continuing to work in an effort to keep Turkish troops from entering Kurdish northern Iraq   Saddam statue tumbles in Kirkuk  Kurds flowing into the city. Iraq's north 'collapsing' Northern Iraq cities falling   Kurdish fighters backed by U.S. Special Forces have seized control of the city of Kirkuk US troops heading for Mosul  US troops and Kurdish forces have begun moving into largest northern city. Iraqi forces surrendering in the area Chaos as Mosul falls to Kurds
Iraqis fire mortars at Kurds Airstrike hits north as tanks roll from south Map of Mosul. Iraq

March 2003 ... more > Top ^
  Coalition forces bombed city of Mosul. A convoy of U.S. tanks rolled unopposed through the desert toward Baghdad

April 2003 ... more > Top ^
  Widespread looting has broken out, after the Iraqi army abandoned the city. People picking up banknotes from the street

May 2003 ... more > Top ^

July 2003 ... more > Top ^
  Uday and Qusay were killed by U.S. troops in the northern city of Mosul after a tipster betrayed their hideout

September 2003 ... more > Top ^
Sep.9     Car bomb kills 2
Map of Erbil Iraq  The explosion occurred near a building used by U.S. troops in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil Sep.19   Former defense minister surrenders  After nearly a week of negotiations, Sultan Hashim Ahmad surrendered to U.S. forces in the city of Mosul   U.S. troops fire on Italian diplomat  A U.S. soldier in northern Iraq mistakenly fired on a car, killing the diplomat's Iraqi interpreter

November 2003 ... more > Top ^
Nov.1   2 U.S. soldiers killed
  The soldiers were killed in an explosion near Mosul. Coalition forces prepared for a possible 'day of resistance Nov.15     2 US helicopters downed
  17 coalition soldiers have been killed and five wounded in a mid-air collision over the city of Mosul
Nov.30   2 South Korean contractors killed  2 power company contractors were killed and 2 others wounded, one critically, in an attack   46 ambushers killed by U.S. forces
  U.S. troops fought off 2 simultaneous attacks on military convoys in northern Iraq, capturing 8 ambushers

December 2003 ... more > Top ^
Dec.2   US raid 'targets Saddam deputy'
  US forces raided a northern Iraqi town, possibly in search of Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri Dec.5     Rumsfeld visits troops Map of Kirkuk Iraq  US Defence Secretary has arrived in the city of Kirkuk for an unannounced visit to make an assessment of the situation Dec.7   U.S. soldier killed  A roadside bomb struck the convoy in the northern Iraqi town of Mosul Dec.8     Car bomb wounds 40 troops  Soldiers have been injured in northern Iraq in an explosion at an entrance to a US army base

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