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  WHO reaches virus epicenter Map of Guangdong China
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Sichuan Spy Plane
Babies (31)   SARS, 2003   Fengcheng (3)   Southern China Mine Accident (16)   China Mine Accident (61)

Health Disaster Main Event: 233 died in gas ...
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B. 03-22 Babies found in suitcases Southern China
2. 03-26 34 killed by virus Guangdong, Southern China
3. 04-03 WHO reaches virus epicenter Guangdong, Southern China
4. 04-20 Deadly virus spreads to 3 new provinces Zhejiang, Southern China
5. 05-05 10,000 people quarantined in Nanjing Southern China
G. 11-14 Mine blast kills 48 Fengcheng, Southern China
12-25 233 died in gas disaster Chongqing, Southern China
I. 12-28 Gas death toll reached 233 Chongqing, Southern China

  34 killed by virus Map of Guangdong China
Babies found in suitcases

March 2003 ... more > Top ^
  28 baby girls were packed into nylon suitcases on a bus in southern China
  31 people from Guangdong province and 3 in Beijing have died from the mysterious pneumonia

April 2003 ... more > Top ^
  A team of World Health Organization investigators has arrived in the province of Guangdong
Apr.20     Deadly virus spreads to 3 new provinces Map of Zhejiang China  The 3 provinces are Zhejiang, Jilin and Liaoning. The revised figure for the number of cases in Beijing has jumped 9-fold

May 2003 ... more > Top ^
May.5     10,000 people quarantined in Nanjing
  SARS outbreak claimed 206 lives in China and infected 4,280 people

September 2003 ... more > Top ^
Sep.11     Spy plane 'gave secrets to China'
  Classified material aboard a U.S. plane that collided with a Chinese jet in 2001 was not entirely destroyed by the crew

November 2003 ... more > Top ^
Nov.14   Mine blast kills 48
Map of Fengcheng China
  The bodies have been retrieved after the gas blast at a coal mine in the city of Fengcheng in province of Jiangxi

December 2003 ... more > Top ^
Dec.25   233 died in gas disaster
Map of Chongqing China
  Thousands flee the disaster. A gas well burst in the Chuan Dongbei gas field, releasing natural gas and sulfurated hydrogen
Dec.28   Gas death toll reached 233
Map of Chongqing China  Emergency workers searched the remote, mountainous area near the city of Chongqing for survivors and more bodies

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