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Disasters Main Event: Space shuttle and crew...
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B. 02-01 Protesters denounce deal Ivory Coast
2. 02-01 Train crash kills 40 Zimbabwe
D. 02-01 U.S. Navy settles over Ehime Maru Japan
02-01 Space shuttle and crew lost Texas
F. 02-01 Blix, ElBaradei to return to Baghdad UN
6. 02-01 NASA mourns, seeks answers Texas
H. 02-01 Iraq threatens with 'suicide attackers' Iraq
I. 02-01 Kuwait steps up security Kuwait
9. 02-01 Remains found among shuttle debris Texas


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Feb.1   Ivory Coast   Protesters denounce deal  Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets to further denounce a French-brokered peace deal

  Zimbabwe   Train crash kills 40  Crowded passenger train has collided with a freight train carrying flammable liquid. Both trains exploded in flames

  Japan U.S. Navy settles over Ehime Maru  Navy reached its final settlement with survivors of the victims of Japanese fishing vessel

  Texas     Space shuttle and crew lost
  Columbia broke up as it descended toward a planned landing, showering debris across southeastern Texas
 Those killed on the flight were commander Rick D. Husband; pilot William C. McCool; payload commander Michael P. Anderson; mission specialists David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla and Laurel Clark; and Israel's astronaut, Ilan Ramon. The loss was caused by damage sustained during launch when a piece of insulation broke off

Day News

  UN   Blix, ElBaradei to return to Baghdad  U.N. chief weapons inspectors will return to Iraq on February 8 for a new round of talks

  Texas     NASA mourns, seeks answers  Investigators were working to determine what caused the shuttle Columbia to disintegrate into a trail of flaming debris

  Iraq Iraq threatens with 'suicide attackers'  Vice President said that Iraq is prepared to deploy 'thousands of suicide attackers' against the U.S. if Iraq is bombed

  Kuwait Kuwait steps up security  A force of 4,000 special forces troops were deployed

Evening News

  Texas     Remains found among shuttle debris  NASA will conduct its own investigation, as will the Congress, and the government is forming an independent commission

  England Blair: U.N. will back war in weeks  The United Nations will sanction war with Iraq within weeks if Saddam does not disarm, Prime Minister has insisted

  Israel First astronaut's death mourned  Shuttle Columbia payload specialist Ilan Ramon was praised as a symbol of 'excellence and freedom'

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